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Screened Topsoil

Topsoil that has been finely processed through a screen, for commercial or residential use. Free of clumps, rocks, and roots, this material is ideal for replacing topsoil around construction areas for sod installations, growing grass seed, or planting large trees and shrubs.

Topsoil Report Topsoil Report

Triple Mix

A premium blend of equal parts of topsoil, manure, and compost. This material is commercially used to assist poor soil conditions, and is also appropriate for establishing and maintaining lawns and gardens.

Triple Mix Report Triple Mix Report

50% Triple Mix, 50% Topsoil

This combination utilizes triple mix to provide organic, nutrient rich material required for most planting applications, and topsoil to add body to the mix. This soil is best suited for filling deep tree and shrub.

50/50 Mix Report 50/50 Mix Report

Pile Run

Material taken directly from the stockpile, to be used as fill for rough grading around Construction projects, sidewalks and roads.

Bio Retention Soil

Typically used to treat contaminated storm water run‐off. Storm water is filtered through the bio retention cell or rain garden and returned to local tributaries and aquifers. Bio retention facilities are commonly installed in parking lots or along roadsides.

Bio Retention Report Bio Retention Report

Boulevard Tree /Silva Cell Pit Mix

Soil mix designed for planting trees within hostile urban environments like roadsides. This coarse material can help with the filtering of detrimental roadside salts and resist compaction caused by prolonged vibration from vehicular traffic. This material is also widely used within Silva Cells (modular systems that provide pavement suspension). Silva Cells are used to plant trees in urban areas to allow for trees to grow freely with compromising adjacent pavement.

Boulevard Tree Pit Report Boulevard Tree Pit Report

Boulevard Sod Mix

A relatively low cost growing medium used for supporting growth of grass along roadsides or within parkland. This soil has been widely used within the City of Brampton.

Boulevard Sod Report Boulevard Sod Report

Top Dress Mixes

A mixture of coarse sand and fine organic material used to augment compacted soils and level minor depressions. The application of top dressing material can stimulate growth by opening pore spaces allowing for air and water to penetrate surfaces.

Top Dress Mix Report Top Dress Mix Report

Customs Soil Blends

Jenkins will mix and process any specialty soil mixture to meet your project specifications. Jenkins is a recognized expert in engineering Sports Field Growing Medium, Bio Retention Mixes for Low impact Decvelopment, and high organic planting mixtures.

Compost/Mushroom Compost

Organic material consisting of a combination of leaf and yard waste or wheat, straw, and/or manure, composted together, to serve as an effective fertilizer.

Screened Peat Loam

Peat loam is partially decomposed organic material. An excellent fertilizer, its large cell structure enables it to absorb nutrients releasing them over time as the plants require. This saves valuable nutrients that would otherwise be lost to runoff.

Mulches and Woodchips

Partially decomposed matter, used to combat soil erosion and control dust. Various mulches are used aesthetically to enhance new and existing gardens. Ask about our mulch varieties.


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